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the care for life is too dear to be priced——let's plant the seed of hope today in the name of love.
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april 2018 witnessed the warmth of early spring and the organization of a wide variety of world hemophilia day activities throughout china. "the more knowledge we share, the stronger we become". motivated by the idea to benefit hemophilia patients, shanghai raas worked in concert with the hemophilia centers in many places to share and publicize knowledge relating to the diagnosis, treatment, surgery, rehabilitation, epidemiology, medicines, and therapeutic regimens of hemophilia to help more and more hemophilia patients to live like healthy persons and to promote the development and progress of the cause of the diagnosis and treatment of hemophilia in china. raas called for the joint efforts of all to practice and relay its ideal of "caring for both the people and the nation" in the name of love.

by april 16, 2018, world hemophilia day activities had been held in guangdong, guangxi, yunnan, guizhou, chongqing, zhejiang, hubei, hunan, qinghai, shaanxi, beijing, tianjin, heilongjiang, liaoning, jilin, and xinjiang by raas and hemophilia centers.

raas took advantage of its resources in the industry and acted in concert with the blood products industry to build the industry's philanthropic image with people first and regard patients as the centre approaches. shanghai raas will open a philanthropic and charitable gate with concrete and practicable actions to contribute to the philanthropic cause in a way true to the philosophy of "caring for both the people and the nation" in its pursuit of the philanthropic dream, a dream that the whole society will care for hemophilia patients.



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