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the workshop on assurance of drug supply and allocation of cryoprecipitates to patients with hemophilia was held.
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      upon china sfda’s request, a survey report on assurance of drug supply and allocation of cryoprecipitates to patients suffering from hemophilia was formulated. on july 9, 2015 shanghai raas took the lead to convene such 8 blood products enterprises as hualan bio, green cross china, ctbb , shanghai institute of biological products co., ltd., sichuan yuanda shuyang pharmaceutical co., ltd. boya biological, tonrol, zhengzhou raas, etc. to hold a symposium. the leaders of hemophilia home of china and chinese society of blood transfusion blood products work commission were invited to attend the meeting. 

     the chairman of hemophilia home of china, guan tao, described the current situation of the shortage of drug supply to patients with hemophilia in china and hoped that all blood product manufacturers could increase the output of blood coagulation factors viii to meet the patients’ need for treatment and prevention. the attending representatives of manufacturers were deeply touched and felt that they will be highly responsible. they all stated that they will proactively promote the allocation of cryoprecipitates and solicit support from national policies to provide more sufficient and safer products for patients. 

     the workshop was successfully conducted under proactive participation and support of all attenders. after workshop, shanghai raas prepared the investigation report by through organization and submitted the same to china food and drug administration.



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