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     after the explosion in a dangerous goods warehouse in binhai new district, tianjin occurred, shanghai raas blood products co., ltd. (shanghai raas) launched the emergency response mechanism within the shortest time, proactively contact relevant commonweal organization, obtained information about the rescue and treatment of the injured personnel and rescue needs and provided full support for local rescue.

     on august 14, shanghai raas decided to immediately donated 5000 sets of fibinglu raas® (human fibrin sealant used for sealing burn wounds or sealing skin grafts), 5000 bottles of gamma raas® (intravenous immunoglobulin pulse used for enhancing immune and infection prevention), 5000 bottles of albu raas® (human albumin) and 5000 bottles of fibro raas® (human fibrinogen) the total value of which exceeded rmb 12 million for rescue and treatment of injured personnel in binhai new district, tianjin at hearing of that most of people injured in the accident are suffering from burn caused injury. additionally, shanghai raas organized clinical instruction professionals to local hospitals for providing assistance to fully support the recue and treatment of people injured in the accident.

     shanghai raas is the first sino-us joint venture blood products manufacturer in china. today, it has become the largest blood products manufacturer in china. its products are well known for its safety, high quality and high efficiency and dominate the high-end market of the blood products in china. it is one of the leading blood products manufacturers with high rate of multiple purpose utilization of plasma, complete product variety and reasonable structure in china.

      donated product 1: fibinglu raas® simulates the last phase of coagulation in human body and can cover the wound by means of semi-rigid fibrin formed to play the role of sealing. also, it has functions of sealing, leakage prevention and wound healing acceleration and is biodegradable and has good histocompability, so it is more and more widespread in surgery. 

     donated product 2: gamma raas® is usually used for treating the primary immunoglobulin deficiency and secondary immunoglobulin deficiency, such as serious infection, septicemia of newborn, etc. 

     donated product 3: albu raas® can treat shocks induced by trauma hemorrhage and burn.

     donated product 4: fibro raas® can treat the blood coagulation disorder due to the fibrinogen deficiency caused in major surgery, trauma or internal haemorrhage, etc.

     we wish that accident rescue can go smoothly and the above mentioned four products can effectively help personnel injured in the accident get well soon!



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