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2015 annual training of raas
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training target:

help employees to strengthen understanding to company policies and regulations, improving consciousness of the discipline; improving employee safety consciousness, eliminating routine security risks and reduce accident rates; strengthen gmp regulations leaning and practice studying, and help understanding the knowledge of adverse drug reactions.

training plan:

since oct 18th to oct 20th, all employees participate the company training course in 3 batches. the training contents including gmp quality requirements, adverse drug reactions, safety and fire prevention, and company policies and regulations. the trainer are mainly from internal, and external safety experts was invited as trainer.

training effect:

safety, high quality, high efficiency, is the quality policy of the company. the gmp quality requirements training, through the analysis of problems in internal and external inspection, employees from production and quality departments have recognized the weakness in regular work and studying improve methods for related operating, the gmp concerned quality requirements practice abilities also be improved. for safety and fire prevention training and company policies and regulations training, the trainers summarized and analysis the data collected from various cases, targeted strengthen the leaning of related knowledge. adr training, the trainer instructed the adr new policy, and at the same time, requesting all employee pay attention to adr affair, must immediately transfer into adr specialist while received related information.



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