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honored as the best board for investor relations of china’s sme board listed companies at 7th tian ma award
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on april 15th, integration and cooperation for a bright future—china’s listed companies investor relations tian ma award, and asset management association of china ying hua award summit forum and award ceremony, sponsored by securities times and china fund and hosted by the development league of china’s listed companies, was held in shen zheng, a city of guangdong province in southern china. at this award ceremony, three major awards of the 7th china’s listed companies investor relations were announced. shanghai raas, boasted with brilliant corporate management and excellent board building, stood out from more than 1400 listed companies and was awarded as one of the best board for investor relations of china’s sme board listed companies. leaders from china association for public companies, the shanghai stock exchange and the shenzhen stock exchange participated in the ceremony and gave awards to those awarded companies.

this year’s award, with relevant supervised departments, economists, financial and economic media, organization investors and individual investors and other market entities taking part in the awarding process, conducted a comprehensive appraisal and evaluation for the management capacity of the listed companies and finally decided the awarded.

in recent years, shanghai raas has remained committed to a credible and well-regulated management mechanism, and has attached great importance to the protection of investors and the governance of investor relations. therefore, the award shows the full recognition of capital market to the company’s efforts to corporate governance, shareholder returns and information disclosure.



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