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company does outmost to help the plasma donator couple with severe burns
published:2016-05-26 views:time

on may 25th at pm 20:06, the plasma donator couple of mashan plasma collection center, lan shaohan and lu ailiang were hospitalized for cure after severe burns in a gas explosion. the doctor told that lan suffered from 42% burnt area and lu 30%, with a superficial second degree to a deep second degree, but currently both of them were out of danger. on hearing of this incident, ma shan collection center promptly came to the hospital to visit the patients. as the doctor suggested that the patients urgently demanded for albumin, the head of lanyunduan collection center, affiliated to mashan plasma collection center,, instantly contacted and informed leaders of the company. therefore, under the leadership of the general manager, chen jie, and with the cooperation of general manager office, plasma business unit and marketing department, the assistance for the two patients was actively carried out.

(the head of mashan plasma collection center came to the hospital to visit the plasma donator couple)

after the occurrence of this incident, both leaders and ordinary employees offered help to the couple, showing that the company was concerned with and kind to plasma donators, integrating altruism philosophy and kindness culture into work and life.

(employees of mashan plasma collection center carefully attended the plasma donator’s wife.)

as of press time, the couple were not over the hump and were on the way of the first affiliated hospital of guangxi medical university.

we hope that the two plasma donators, having donated plasma to save many lives, will recover as soon as possible.



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