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shanghai party committee secretary han zheng pays a field visit at “oriental beauty valley” in fengxian district
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on august 17, han zheng, member of the political bureau of the cpc central committee,and shanghai municipal party committee secretary,permanent member of shanghai municipal party committee and municipal secretary-general yin hong, and vice-mayor shi guanghui, in the company of district party committee secretary zhuang mudi, and deputy sectary and district major hua yuan, paid a visit to the core area of“oriental beauty valley”.  

chen jie (first from the left), chairman and general manager of shanghai raas, introduces company’s development history to the secretary han zheng(second from the left)

at the exhibition hall of “oriental beauty valley”, han zheng, accompanied by others, was shown around to see the products from various companies, and had a warm conversation with the principals of those enterprise. chen jie, chairman and general manager of shanghai raas, introduced the development history,main products, and research and development of his company. secretary han zheng thought highly of shanghai raas and recognized their achievement. as part of the industrial cluster of the oriental beauty valley, raas will seek further cooperation with peripheral companies. in many cosmetics,proteins will be added as a kind of stabilizer. besides, hugu raas (a kind of human fibrin sealant), produced by raas, is able to promote the healing of wounds.

han zheng emphasized that to promote the integration of shanghai’s urban and rural areas, we should focus on the comprehensive development of rural areas. fengxian (a municipal district of shanghai), as one of the main battlefields, should make full use of he advantages of its geographical characteristics and the industrial development characteristics of the ”oriental beauty valley", in order to further increase the intensity of industrial structuring, act well on the combination of industry and city, and take practical actions and make greater contributions to make shanghai the vanguard of reform and opening up and innovative development.



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