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director shi honghua of china telecom of fengxian district, shanghai visits raas
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on the morning of february 23, shi honghua, director of china  of fengxian district, shanghai, along with his delegation visited shanghai raas blood products co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “shanghai raas”). in the exhibition room, director shi got further understanding on shanghai raas’s development and recent situations. during the visit, shi hold cordial talks with chen jie, president and general manager of shanghai raas, together with other department heads of the company.

during the talk, both sides exchanged ideas on their business characteristics and the direction of strategic cooperation in the future. china telecom said that they would provide “free acceleration of broadband networks”, “cell phone signal optimization” and other services of the best quality to shanghai raas. they extended their expectations of achieving win-win cooperation with shanghai raas to promote prosperity and development of fengxian district.

cordial talks between china , fengxian district and raas leaders

president chen said, the next goal of shanghai raas, which is currently a manufacturing enterprise in transition, is to become an intelligentialized and data-based enterprise. intelligence and information application should not only be limited to office system, but also be realized in other aspects like production process and client data analysis as soon as possible. in this dt (data technology) era, in order to become a pioneer in the trend of digitization transition for manufacturing enterprises, shanghai raas need to embrace the internet and intelligent production. in addition, shanghai raas, just like china telecom, is a service-oriented enterprise. it is the obligation of both companies to join hands and make further contributions to the society.

this talk laid firm foundation for accelerating strategic cooperation between both parties.



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