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company profile-九游会旗舰厅

safety quality efficacy

company profile

founded in 1988

situated at no. 2009 wangyuan road, fengxian district, shanghai, and with a registered capital of rmb 6,740,787,907.00, shanghai raas was listed on the shenzhen stock exchange in june 2008 as a leading manufacturer of blood products in china that integrates source plasma collection, blood products research and development, production and sales.

  • shanghai raas is a leading manufacturer of blood products in china in terms of its overall scale.

    shanghai raas is a blood products manufacturer with reasonable structure, complete product range and high plasma utilization rate in the industry in china. the company adheres to the quality policy of "safety, quality and efficacy" and strictly follows the drug administration law of the people's republic of china, good manufacturing practice of medical products and the chinese pharmacopoeia, and makes references to the relevant laws and regulations of the united states and europe to establish a perfect quality management system. our main products include: human albumin, human immunoglobulin (ph4) for intravenous injection, human coagulation factor viii, human fibrinogen, prothrombin complex concentrate (human), freeze dried, thrombin (human), and fibrin sealant (human), etc. we are one of the few manufacturers of blood products in china that can extract six components from plasma, one of the most complete manufacturers of coagulation factor products in the industry in china, and one of the few manufacturers that can export blood products in china.

  • by the end of april 2023, shanghai raas had developed into four production bases for blood products in shanghai, zhengzhou, hefei and wenzhou; the company, its subsidiaries and sub-subsidiaries had 42 plasma donation centers (including one newly approved in february 2023), distributed in 11 provinces (autonomous regions) in guangxi, hunan, hainan, shaanxi, anhui, guangdong, inner mongolia, zhejiang, hubei, jiangxi and shandong, ranking top in the industry in terms of the number of plasma donation centers, distribution areas and annual plasma collection volume.

  • shanghai raas is a "shanghai foreign-invested advanced technology enterprise", a "new high-tech enterprise" recognized by science and technology commission of shanghai municipality, and an "academician expert workstation". after more than 3 decades of deep industry experience, the products of shanghai raas have built a safe and quality brand image within the sector, with its product quality gaining the trust of domestic consumers and the recognition of the international market. it has been awarded shanghai famous trademark" and "shanghai famous brand" for many years and titled "the most innovative enterprise" by forbes for many times, becoming a more influential enterprise across the industry. 

    the products of shanghai raas have built a safe and quality brand image within the sector for a long time, with its product quality gaining the trust of domestic consumers while accredited by the international market. we always adhere to the quality policy of "safety, quality and efficacy" and practice the brand promise of "shanghai raas, guardian of health" to collect more plasma, make more, better and more innovative medicine for the benefit of the society. 

  • 35years

    extensive industry experience

  • 4units

    production bases

  • 42centers (including newly approved)

    plasma donation center

development history

  • 2016

    tonrol biopharmaceutical acquired zhejiang haikang biopharmaceutical

  • 2014

    acquisition of zhengzhou banghe biopharmaceutical co., ltd. ("zhengzhou raas") and tonrol biopharmaceutical co., ltd.

  • 2013

    the new plant in the biotechnology park of fengxian economic development zone was completed and passed the new version of gmp certification, officially put into operation

  • 2008

    listed on the sme board of szse (now shenzhen stock exchange)

  • 2007

    shanghai raas blood products co., ltd. converted to a joint stock company

  • 2003

    thrombin (human) (thrombin raas®) and fibrin sealant (human) (fibrin raas®) were approved for marketing

  • 1999

    received the first gmp certificate

  • 1996

    first domestic liquid intravenous injection of human immunoglobulin (ph4) (γ-raas®) were approved for marketing

  • 1995

    first domestic virally inactivated human coagulation factor viii (human raas®), prothrombin complex concentrate (human), freeze dried (prothrombin raas®), and human fibrinogen (fibrinogen raas®) products were approved for marketing

  • 1992

    the first product, albumin prepared from human plasma (albumin raas®), was approved for marketing

  • 1988

    established in minhang economic and technological development zone