shanghai rass-九游会旗舰厅

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about raas

being vital for life saving, blood products are important national strategic reserve materials. founded in 1988 and situated at no. 2009 wangyuan road, fengxian district, shanghai with a registered capital of rmb 6,740,787,907.00, shanghai raas was listed on the shenzhen stock exchange in june 2008 as a leading domestic blood products company that integrates source plasma collection, blood products research and development, production and sales.

  • 35 years
    extensive industry experience
  • 4 units
    production bases
  • 42 centers (including newly approved)
    plasma donation center
yuan 0.20 ( 3.13%)
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raas plasma donation center

as of may 2023, shanghai raas and its subsidiaries had 42 plasma donation centers (including newly approved ) in china including those under construction, of which 18 are shanghai raas (including one subcenter) , 19 are tonrol biopharmaceutical (including newly approved) , 2 are zhengzhou raas and 3 are zhejiang haikang biopharmaceutical, covering 11 provinces (autonomous regions) in guangxi, hunan, hainan, shaanxi, anhui, guangdong, inner mongolia, zhejiang, hubei, jiangxi and shandong.

  • 18 centers
    shanghai raas (including one subcenter)
  • 19 centers
    tonrol biopharmaceutical
  • 2 centers
    zhengzhou raas
  • 3 centers
    zhejiang haikang biopharmaceutical