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talent strategy of raas

inspiring goodwill, unleashing potential and empowering employees

for shanghai raas, personnel are the core element of business development, and the concentration of talent is one of the strengths and a key element for value creation and success of the company.

working at shanghai raas means being at the forefront of the blood products industry. with more than 30 years of extensive industry experience, the passion of raas personnel for research, their insistence on quality and their commitment to patients have helped us go through the way to today.

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talent development

"inspiring goodwill, unleashing potential and empowering employees" is the outlook on talents for shanghai raas. the company continues to increase investment in human resources, improve the concentration of talent, and create a training and empowerment system to help every employee grow and develop at raas, unleash the productivity of talents, thus achieving win-win; for employee growth and corporate development.

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    training combined with working and learning

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    multi-channel career development path

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    core talent reserve and echelon construction

work at raas

shanghai raas provides comprehensive salary and benefits for employees and continually upgrades them to be more attractive and competitive. the company attaches importance to employee experience, emphasizes their feelings and responds to their needs, and continuously strengthens the company's talent moat.

  • thirteen-month salary| various allowances | year-end bonus

  • flexible working hours| commuter shuttle | talent apartment

  • supplementary provident fund | supplementary medical insurance

  • service honor award

shanghai raas creates an efficient, open and straightforward working atmosphere for employees to ensure that information could be passed on between all relevant parties, thus maintaining effective company operations.

  • company website | wechat official announcement

  • work conference | staff congress | new employee seminar | symposium

shanghai raas organizes colorful and interesting staff activities to encourage employees to actively participate and strike a proper balance between work and rest.

  • food festival | staff birthday party | chinese new year and mid-autumn festival reunion

  • staff sports day | knowledge contest | family day

  • employee welfare in hot summer and cold winter