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career development:

 shanghai raas focuses on the synchronization of employees’ individual career development and its development. the company encourages and proactively provides opportunities for training, development and technical exchange to provide a broad development world for talents in terms of expertises and comprehensive capability. continuous learning fundamentally drives the update of individuals’ knowledge and technology and innovation of technology for enterprises and it is the effective assurance to give full play to creativity of talents to ensure that the enterprise takes the lead technologically and keep prosperous. the company has continuously increased investment in building perfect training system and ensuring efficient implementation of trainings. additionally, it applies scientific training methods to ensure good training effects and determines comprehensive training contents to ensure that training is diversified.

the company follows the salary and benefits principles as follows:

competitive in the industry and regional market: shanghai raas provides competitive and attractive salary and benefits. the company receives periodically the investigations of salary and benefits in the regional and pharmaceutical industry organized by professional companies to keep informed about the market level and ensure that excellent talents can be attracted, motivated and retained.

based on performance examination to reflect internal fairness:

employees’ salary is directly linked to their work performance and also depends on the company’s overall performance and quality.


multiple supplementary benefits policies:

the company provides employees with attractive salary and benefits. the accident and supplementary medical insurance eliminates the worries of the employees. annual physical examination, occupational health examination and vaccine injection enhance the health guarantee for the employees. unique child expenses and kindergarten expenses are reimbursed. festival gift money and birthday gift coupons are issued to reflect considerate care for the employees. educational subsidies an encouragement of employees to participate in sparetime learning can improve their quality and market competitiveness. 

i.  in-system training

annual training during major overhaul in 2008

training of 2010 edition gmp

training for managers of subsidiary plasma centers on  may 26th 2014

2015 annual training of raas

ii. out-system professional training

training camp for production line supervisors

iii. a variety forms of content

contest for firefighting knowledge

iv. instant technical exchange

training seminar for managers of plasma centers on may 27th 2014


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