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shanghai raas was founded in 1988 and listed on the small-medium sized enterprises board of shenzhen stock exchange in 2008, and became the largest  blood products company in china and asia through mergers and acquisitions in 2014. shanghai rass has been adhering to the quality policy of "safety, quality and efficacy" .

shanghai raas has  11 products  including human albumin, human immunoglobulin, coagulation factors and others. these products  have been registered in nearly 20 countries. currently, shanghai rass is one of the very few domestic manufacturers that are able to export blood products. so far, shanghai raas has 35 plasma collection stations including some under construction in the  country with an annual production capacity of 900 tons.  more than 30 million vials of products have been used and there is no single virus contamination  or any adverse reaction reported  due to the quality of product.

shanghai raas is awarded as shanghai advanced technology enterprise with foreign investment as well as high-tech enterprise by  shanghai science and technology committee. also shanghai raas is the only biological medicine  company   been awarded as top 20 most innovative companies in the world in 2015 by forbes, top 10 most innovative companies in asia in 2015 by forbes china as well as top 10 most competitive publicly listed medicine companies. in near 30 year good practice of quality, r&d, management, brand and team work system shanghai raas always realize a sacred mission of heart to heart and has a family and nation’s dream to build people’s heart business.

shanghai raas will integrate global resources and build an innovation chain in blood products industry, and will layout three innovation foundations including a national think tank, industrial research institute and an international laboratory, and create an innovative ecosystem in blood products industry. shanghai raas will base on a foundation of organic growth and a leap over of exogenous mergers and acquisitions to build a national flagship enterprise in a global blood products industry.  

shanghai raas, the guardian of health!


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