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many thanks to all our friends who are interested in shanghai raas. shanghai raas has enjoyed a rapid and healthy development due to your great support. established in 1988, shanghai raas was the first joint venture blood products manufacturer in china specialized in production, sales and the provision of testing services for blood products, vaccines, diagnostic reagents and testing equipment. listed in shenzhen the stock exchange in 2008, it is the domestic leader in the field of blood products. in 2014, through the successful acquisition and merger with bang he biological & pharmaceutical co., ltd. and anhui tonrol biological & pharmaceutical co., ltd., the existing production and profitability improved rapidly. with 11 main product lines of human albumin, human intravenous immunoglobulin, human coagulation factor viii, human prothrombin complex concentrate, human fibrinogen, human thrombin and human fibrin sealant, human immunoglobulin (im), hepatitis b immunoglobulin (im), tetanus immunoglobulin (im), and rabies immunoglobulin (im).

shanghai raas is one of the blood products manufacturers in china that has high comprehensive utilization of plasma raw material and a wide range of products with different specifications.

since its establishment, shanghai raas has adhered to "quality and safety” in strict accordance with the requirements of gmp issued by china’s state food and drug administration for production, and follows the guidelines from u.s. fda, who, and the specifications from the us pharmacopoeia and european pharmacopoeia. the company was among the first batch of domestic manufacturers to obtain gmp and iso9001 certifications, and is one of the first manufacturers to implement large scale batch production of blood products.

shanghai raas has established a complete set of good production and quality control management system in blood products manufacturing and sales, covering from plasma collection, screening to production management. eight times of testing is conducted from raw material plasma to final product. all products are subject to two steps of virus inactivation. in order to detect viruses which enzyme-linked immunoassay may not be able to detect, the company is the only one in china to test three times using pcr (polymerase chain reaction) to assure the safety of products. so far the company has produced and sold more than 25 million vials of various products with high quality and safety for use by patients at home and abroad. the quality of shanghai raas products is widely recognized in the market and has become the top brand in china’s blood products industry. the products have occupied the high-end market of blood products for many years. in addition to the domestic market, shanghai raas products have been registered in nearly 20 countries. currently, shanghai raas is one of the very few domestic manufacturers in china that are able to export blood products. the main destinations are south-east asia and latin america.  

shanghai raas is committed to becoming an excellent blood products supplier, and to having the capability to compete in the international bio-pharmaceutical field. we put 3% of sales revenue each year into research and development of new products. the new plant with annual production capacity of 800 tons located in fengxian economic development zone passed current good manufacturing practice (cgmp) certification and was formally put into production in november 2013, including production lines of advanced technology. the equipment and process management software are world class in the pharmaceutical industry. we use the injected capital to invest in the state-of-the-art technology in the production process to raise our competitive edge in the industry. shanghai raas has been in the leading position of technology achievement in the industry. through mergers and acquisitions in the industry shanghai raas has made a leap forward in development so that it has become the largest manufacturer of blood products in china, owning 28 plasma stations and producing up to 11 different kinds of products.

with ambitious plans and a down-to-earth attitude, we work intensively and meticulously. therefore we strongly believe that we will have further rapid and healthy growth.

by holding on to the idea of integrity & honesty, win-win & cooperation, tenacity & persistence, and innovation &  excellence, we are willing to work together with you hand in hand and strive for a brighter tomorrow.


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