organization structure 上海莱士-九游会旗舰厅

introduction to senior management

 mr. chen jie, chinese nationality, without foreign permanent residence, born in april 1965, master of business administration. since 2016,mr.chen has served as general manager  for shanghai raas blood products.

 mr. zheng liu, a chinese national born in 1970, holds a master's degree and is a chinese cpa. mr. liu began his career in the finance and securities sector in 1992 and his previous positions include working as a cpa in zhonghua cpa firm, investment manager at zhong an investment management, and assistant vice-president in the beijing offfice of h&q asia pacific.

since 2004  mr. liu has served as the vice general manager and cfo for shanghai raas blood products. since 2007, he has also served as the secretary of the board of directors for shanghai raas with the qualification certificate of secretary of the board awarded by shenzhen stock exchange. he has had leading roles in several ipo and reorganization projects for listed companies. he is specialized in financial and accounting standards, taxation, laws and regulations for capital markets, investor relations management and public relations management.


 dr. jihui shen, phd in organic chemistry, mba. a chinese national born in 1966, is deputy general manager of shanghai raas responsible for regulatory affairs. from 1991 to 2002, he was manager of refinement department, deputy director of technical and regulatory affairs compliance, deputy general manager responsible for technical & worldwide regulatory affairs. in 2002 he joined wyeth pharmaceuticals co., ltd as manager of regulatory affairs. returning to shanghai raas in 2004, he was deputy general manager responsible for manufacturing and engineering as well as the registration of new products such as fibrinogen new formulation and anti-hepatitis b immunoglobulin, he played an important role in the construction of shanghai raas’ new plant in fengxian. during his time at shanghai raas, he was responsible for several key product development projects for ivig, pcc, fng, tb and fs.

 dr. weibing hu, a chinese national, born in 1964 holds a phd in chemical engineering. he joined shanghai raas in december 1995, and has worked in the manufacturing, r&d and qc departments. in 1998 he was appointed qa manager and in 2003 was promoted to deputy general manager. dr. hu is the quality person (qp) and is also familiar with regulatory affairs.

dr. jun xu, a us citizen, born in 1964, holds a phd degree in biochemistry and molecular biology. since 2011 dr. xu has been deputy general manager of shanghai raas, responsible for production and engineering. from 1991 to 1995 dr. xu was manager of r&d responsible for developing and manufacturing the first liquid ivig product and virus-inactivated coagulation factor products in china. from 1995 to 1999 he studied at howard hughes medical institute at university of oklahoma health sciences center for his phd degree and postdoctoral training. on his return in 2000, dr. xu was appointed deputy general manager and worked in this post till 2003 when he returned to oklahoma medical research as a senior scientist and associate fellow. he has published many peer reviewed research papers and patents on coagulation and inflammation.

     dr. hui lu, md, a chinese national who was born in 1975, is deputy general manager of shanghai raas responsible for research and development. from 2005 to 2009, dr. lu conducted research work in hemophilia therapy in the department of hematology at the children’s hospital of philadelphia, university of pennsylvania. after returning to china in 2009, he was appointed deputy manager and director of the r&d department. he has presided over or participated in several key projects funded by the national science foundation, the ministry of science and technology and the science and technology commission of shanghai municipality. he has written many peer-reviewed publications, patents and books in the field of hemophilia and gene therapy.

mr. zhou daoping,a chinese national, born in september 1974, ph.d. degree, has worked in huawei,since april 2016, the company's deputy general manager.

mr. tan lichun, born in october 1974, with chinese nationality but no permanent residence outside the country, undergraduate, was former secretary and deputy secretary of zhanggong district ganzhou city of jiangxi people’s government; division head of ganzhou city of jiangxi municipal people’s government general office; deputy general manager of human resources department and integrated management department of guangdong finance assets management co., ltd.; principal of the first business department and the integrated management of guangdong finance and guarantee co., ltd.; office director of guangdong investment holdings co., ltd.. since february 2016, he assumed the assistant general manager of shanghai raas and chairman of shanghai raas charity foundation (organization).


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