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shanghai raas donates factor viii to “home for hemophilia aid”
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on march 19, “home for hemophilia aid”, the first assistance platform in china jointly initiated by social media and public welfare organizations, was founded in beijing. as one of the major initiators for the activity, shanghai raas attended the activity. other initiators of the activity include china science daily, love center for rare diseases of beijing home for hemophilia, peking union medical college hospital of chinese academy of medical sciences, hematonosis hospital of chinese academy of medical sciences, ruijin hospital affiliated to school of medicine of shanghai jiaotong university, and companies in the sector such as china biologic products, green cross china. lu hui, member of the “management reform lead team” presented on the activity.

liu fengsong, president and party secretary of china science daily noted in the opening speech that medical science news, as an authoritative all-media platform for medical science, is active in shouldering the social responsible by giving full play to its advantages in terms of resources of experts and media. together with love center for rare diseases of beijing home for hemophilia, we jointly establish a public welfare and mutual assistance platform for patients of hemophilia, providing scientific treatment information and instruction, assisting patients of hemophilia to access effective treatment. we hope love can be concentrated through the platform of “home for hemophilia aid” to provide practical assistance for this group, and at the same time, we wish more attention and support can be provided patients of hemophilia in terms of decision-making by government, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies to secure their medicine access and increase their life quality.

lu hui expressed in the speech his honor to be a representative of the several blood products companies in china present on the activity, his congratulation to medical science news, the main organizer of the activity, and appreciation for the establishment of the “home for hemophilia aid”. the activity is the best action in response to the call by members of the npc and cppcc during the two sessions this year to the government and social organizations to provide attention, love and help for patients of hemophilia. the platform established by medical science news will surely give full play of its advantages in terms of resources of experts and media communication, providing a sound public charity and mutual assistance channel for patients of hemophilia, making them rapidly access the positive ways for effective treatment. lu hui noted that, to solve the short supply of blood products, the social public should have higher recognition for donating plasma. there needs to be a process for learning, accepting, promoting and acting. the government and media shall also play their roles to motivate various enterprises, medical organizations and research institutions to share the government’s burden and the people’s concern. shanghai raas will donate a batch of factor viii to “home for hemophilia aid”, in the hope of opening the public welfare course of raas through practical actions to use love to materialize the dream, which is also the common wish of the whole sector of blood products.



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