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shanghai raas is once again granted the “credit building enterprise”
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tue. dec 20, 2016 shanghai, china—shanghai raas was granted in november 2016 the title of “credit building enterprise,” at the recommendation of shanghai pharmaceutical profession association (sppa) and at the approval of shanghai municipal organizing committee of enterprise credit building. this was the second time that the company had won the title since 2015.

the shanghai “enterprise credit building” campaign helps enterprises with their brand building and image shaping. the accumulation of credit represents a process in which an enterprise shapes its image and builds its brand, through which the value of a brand could be created. the influence of credit building has extended to all walks of life and social acknowledgement has injected new impetus into the campaign. brand building, in addition, has become a foundation for the development of the enterprise credit building campaign.

starting as a “credit building enterprise” and looking into its future, shanghai raas will work to further optimize its management and uphold its service integrity.



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