the speed up of the integration and acquisition & merger in blood products industry are spawning the industry leader,raas charities上海莱士-九游会旗舰厅

the speed up of the integration and acquisition & merger in blood products industry are spawning the industry leader
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currently, the future development of blood products industry  can  mainly come down to three ways: first, the integration and acquisition &merger can strengthen the industry concentration and obtain the scale  effect;  second, new plasma collection stations can bring the  increase of plasma amount;  third, the extension of the product lines can improve the profitability.

because the blood products industry has been in a  long-term  condition that demand exceeds supply,  and the bottleneck which restricts the rapid growth of the industry depends on  the supply of plasma raw material,  if we see the plasma as a kind of resource, the plasma collection station is a mine, and the quality & quantity determines the internal value of the enterprise.

now that this industry has a certain nature of resource,  and this resource comes from human body,  it is doomed that the industry development must be necessarily controlled by government,  which means the competence is insufficient.  so the capability to obtain  the plasma resource becomes the key to assess the value of blood products companies. this is completely different from the value assessment system of other pharmaceutical companies.

according to the  2015-2020 china’s  blood products industry market demand forecast and investment strategy planning analysis report  issued by qianzhan industry research institute, the data shows that currently in china there are 23 blood products companies in production. among them,  from the comparison of the utilized plasma amount,  the biggest five manufacturers are shanghai raas,  hualan  biological , shandong taibang,  chengdu rongsheng and sichun suyang.

from january 2014 to july 2014, on year-on-year basis, the operation revenue of bio-products  increased 12.54% and total profit increased 8.63%.  from april to now, the groth rate of bio-products operation revenue has been continuously month-on-month improved, and the profitability becomes more advantage because the gross profit rate has been raised from july.



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