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s&p consulting: china’s blood products industry are facing development bottlenecks
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in china, most blood products manufacturers  mainly produce  human  albumin,  human intravenous immunoglobulin and etc , simply because  the manufacturing  process of these products is relatively  easy.  comparing with the international peers,  china’s  blood products manufacturers are facing more developing bottlenecks since  they are bigger  in quantity but smaller  in  scale  and  lower in  comprehensive utilization of plasma raw material. 

the medical analyst from s&p consulting  said  that the concentration trend of   china’s  blood products industry is gradually becoming obvious.  according to the health ministry’s  regulation , the application condition of setting up new plasma collection stations is that: the applying company should possess at least six specifications of registered blood products, and those companies who have undertaken the task of the  state planned immunization should possess at least five specifications. the result is that more than half of the blood products manufacturers could not obtain the qualifications to apply for setting up new plasma collection stations except  shanghai raas, tiantan biological, china national biotec, boya bio-pharmaceutical, etc. that possibly means the acquisition and merger opportunity appears. 

blood products are widely used in more and more serious diseases treatment. for example, human albumin is suitable for the treatment of post-chemical therapy or post-radiation therapy cancer patients,  and human intravenous immunoglobulin can be used for the prevention and treatment of  bronchial asthma,  allergic skin disease,  urticaria and other allergic diseases. now blood products have the irreplaceable function in clinical therapy.  at the same time,  the market demand also becomes bigger and bigger.



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